About Us

'The Candid Wedding' is a one stop hub for everything there is to know about wedding photography. It is a joint venture of GEORGE REYOLIN & ANAND G MENON. With 15+ years of experience in wildlife photography, cinematography, and other areas of professional photography, these two photo artists are thriving to push the limits of creativity. It is their desire to craft a new style of wedding photography that can preserve the purity of real moments.
Today, wedding photography is widely getting criticized for the lack of ingenuity. Over enhanced images and unreal postures of bride and groom gives a sore taste of staged performance. We want to change people's perception about this, and reinstate the real charm of wedding photography.

Here at Candid, we offer to bring you the heart and soul of wedding exultation. Our trained professionals will preserve real, authentic moments from your wedding. Our services include the creation of photo/ video wedding albums. The wedding might be a one day ceremony, but the wonder will last forever.

Technology is taking giant leaps towards future everyday. We are well informed and up-to-date, about the advancements in technology of photography and editing. This way, you can receive the most stunning photos with good clarity.

Nothing is pre-planned here... we promise to showcase the magnificence of real love and care. Go speechless in awe, at the beauty of tiny wonders of romantic gestures.

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